Saturday, January 9, 2010

Customized Unique Nose Studs

My piercing is on my left nostril and a long time ago, before I started making my own nose studs, I bought a stud with a screw end from a local outlet, and man, was that thing hard to get in! It seemed like no matter which way I turned it, it didn't want to go into my piercing. When I finally did get it in, it just felt wrong. No other way to describe it - just wrong. I knew someone else with a piercing on the right and she had the same troubles with certain studs. When I started making my own, I twisted the screw in the other direction for hers and she found them much more comfortable and easy to insert. Eureka - I had discovered the difference between making a piece for the right or for the left nostril. Now I'm sure many of you out there already knew this little tidbit of information, but I didn't up until then and I was really pleased with my discovery.

I didn't make any changes to my items for sale at that point but began to think about the idea of customizing my studs - and rings and hoops as well. I realized it was something that would be appreciated by my customers so I set out to change each one of my listings to reflect this new offer of service - the choice between a left and right stud, and the choice to customize the size and gauge of hoop and ring items.

I love the outcome! It offers a personalized style of service to my customers, as well as giving them a nicer product. I know all of my customers appreciate the additional level of service. It does mean that my pieces take a little longer to make. I can get them mostly ready, but at the end each piece requires individualized finishing. I think the quality shows and it's worth the extra effort.

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