Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today's Project

So far it's noon and I've been incredibly lazy today. We listed our house for sale last week and the last minute work has been phenomenal! So this morning was my day to rest and now it's time to get busy.

I've had requests for my work in gold lately, which is really exciting for me. It's a fairly new area where I can stretch my boundaries (and my budget) a little. I have had a couple of gold pieces for sale for some time now but got a request for a bezel set opal in 14 karat gold - I piece I completed last week that turned out lovely. My customer chose a blue green opal, which I ordered specifically for her, and while I was shopping with my supplier, I thought, "why not stock up on an extra opal and some more gold?" So I did and there's one listed for sale now in my shop.

Another customer approached me to custom make her a gold cross nose stud. I plan to start that project in a few minutes - starting with cutting two pieces of gold that I will hammer a bit and then add some flux to before laying across each other to form the cross portion. After the pieces are fused together, I will solder on a gold post, pickle the piece to remove the firescale created by the torch, and finally, finish and polish it up for her. It will be a lovely, unique, completely handmade nose stud. Watch for photos in the shop because I plan to do more of these. Sometimes my customers give me the best ideas of all - thank you!

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