Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Piece and Burst of Creativity

Funky Unique 2 Once in a while I get that really creative burst happen. Such was the case with this piece. I began by creating a loop with just enough space to set a 3mm bezel cup into. I had no idea what I was going to do next but just started playing, curling the wire around the original loop in a spiral shape and then moving it back and forth to create an undulating pattern. I made some little sterling 'rocks' out of some scrap metal (which I have plenty of!) by melting small pieces of wire on my soldering brick until they curl up and become a little ball.

I added some paste solder to the bezel cup and pushed it into place, then put some on the little balls and placed them on the piece. I heated the whole thing with my torch until the solder flowed, then turned it over and soldered a stem into place.

The piece was pickled to remove the firescale created by the torch, and then tumble polished to harden it. It came out of the polisher shiny all over but I knew I needed to add some oxidization (darkening) to add some depth. I set the rainbow moonstone cabochon and then started to oxidize the parts I wanted darkened by using a paintbrush to apply the solution.

I rinsed off the solution and then put the finishing touches on the piece by using my hand polisher attached to my dremel.

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